Thursday, 8 January 2015

Publication Announcement - Sorrow's Baptised

A very quick update here at the blog to mention that my story "Sorrow's Baptised" has now gone live at Sirens Call (direct download link here, free access) if you care to take a look.  I'm really pleased to be included in the eZine again!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mermaid Cove (Written River)

We cannot rest
Whilst water surrounds us,
Submerged, we sing;
A game, of sorts,
Once won,
We keep our catches
'Til surface seduction
Calls out


This one was written for today's "Written River" poetry prompt.  A Rusalka piece - a little too long to fit into a single tweet, so I thought I'd post it directly to the blog.

Magical Word Worlds - Five Hundred Words of Magic Release

Following on from the previous blog post, the Luminous Creatures anthology "Five Hundred Words of Magic", featuring my stories "Their Guardian Generals" and "Colourful Talents" ("Colorful Talents" in the epub), which arose from artist photo prompts for the final two weeks of the Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness competition has now been released and is available to purchase via Amazon - US here and UK here.

Payhip (for epub formats as well as .mobi free is available here)

The anthology features flash fiction featuring "fantasy realms dark and light" courtesy of a number of authors (myself included), for those who are interested in reading some short speculative fiction.  Pleasingly, it also features the work of two of my writing group The Poised Pen too.  I've already downloaded my copy!