Monday, 22 December 2014

Publishing Pending..

Checking in here briefly to note a couple of pending publications in the offing as a result of recent submissions and writing online.

My story "Sorrow's Baptised" will feature in the December edition of The Sirens Call eZine later this month.

Additionally, I have two stories due for publication mid January as a result of the Luminous Creatures "Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness" competition, which has been running over the past seven weeks.  The first is an expanded version of my story "Their Guardian Generals" (originally featured at the website here).  The other is called "Colourful Talents" and will feature in the forthcoming chapbook which is a collection of competition entries representing the work of some very talented authors.  Very pleasing news and I'm really flattered to have my work alongside theirs!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Our Final Dance (Angry Hourglass)

Photo prompt via The Angry Hourglass

They told me they took her heart pre burying her down deep.  Such were our instructions.  Specific to the last, when we could hide no more from it – from her.  For that, they thought us heartless.  They did not see them as they lay, bloodless; the vacant eyed stares, scattered across the parquet.  I scrubbed it myself until spotless, once they were gone; though I saw them still – could scarcely help it; after.  I had helped heft their weight, before the remainder.

She returns, red-eyed, against snow skin; cherry stain smudges at her lips; faded brown marks beneath her fingertips to face me, accusing.  I know well what we have done and that which we have failed in.  The dark spread pooling across her front tells its tale.  They tried for the liver.  They paid dearly for it.  She is rich with the toll – its metal tang clinging to her still, though she is not full.  Not now.  Not yet.  Not ever.

No need to call for her father – she has him with her, by the hand, between gripped nails.  A hopeful glance becomes hopeless, as I see he is cold beyond me, though I may join him yet before we are through.

“Daughter,” I say simply.  “Snow.”  The hand I hold out merits me a glance lacking recognition.  “My child.”  Her little legs are whittled into wastage – the ivory flesh pared to minimal covering over bone.  Her hair is pitch plastered to her skull.  She smiles sweetly, showing sharpened teeth.  The blood-shot gaze aimed towards me speaks for her.  With a thud, she discards her father’s arm – my previous prince – my once king – throwing him from her, to leave her own limbs free and able.  There is no helping her now – nor me, if I am accurate in my assessment.  I have seen the results of her handiwork when left to her own devices before.  There will be no savouring scraps beneath restraint for her.  Not now.  Nor for her, ever.

I loved her once, before.  Still now, I love her, ever.  I thought to save her this.  Instead, she forces me to dance final, failing steps for her.


Another piece for Angry Hourglass.  This one placed as Second Runner Up for the week.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Flash Dogs Anthology - Volume One

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted a couple of mentions for the Flash Dogs on this blog already.  Anyone following me on Twitter will have seen several more along the way!

Briefly put, the Flash Dogs are a group of flash fiction writers from all across the globe who formed organically into a community via a number of flash fiction contests and regular interaction on Twitter.  As someone who's been running with the pack for a little while now, I'm privileged to be part of such a supportive bunch and improve my writing in their company.

Having grown significantly already on Twitter since forming, the first Flash Dogs project is due for release very shortly in the form of the first anthology in e-book format on 13th December 2014.  The profits for anthology sales will go to the global charity, IBBY, The International Board on Books for Young People, a non-profit organisation representing an international network of people committed to bringing books and children together.

The anthology will be available on Amazon for Kindle at £1.53 - for which you will receive one hundred and ten diverse stories written by 34 authors, the vast majority of whom have only met online.

Credit for the cover displayed above goes to the very talented @tamrogers.

An incredible amount of work has also been undertaken by several of the authors involved in the anthology as part of the Flash Dogs HQ - these being Mark King and David Shakes, in addition to Emily June Street's attention to detail as part of the editing process and Tamara Rogers' fabulous artwork.

Added to which, the very generous Natalie Bowers recently donated her prize of book promotion to the anthology's cause as part of it's launch.  Very kind indeed!

Once you've downloaded the book and enjoyed the contents, please come follow us on Twitter. #FlashDogs

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cause or Effect (Mad Verse)

We are reflections
Shaped by time's making,
Casting our ripples outwards
And beyond;
Created cause with effect.

Surrender (Heartsmeal)

Shadows embrace languid limbs
In the dead hours,
As souls slumber oblivious;
Taking control of their charges,
Surrender owed only to light.

Fading Faster (Fiery Verse)

He wrote her into script,
Each detail inscribed indelible -
Rendering her fading faster
From reality into fiction.

Proved Unnecessary (Written River)

As the world fell
Into stillness,
Words between
Those remaining
Proved unnecessary.

Fragile Hope (Mad Verse)

Hope holds fragile
In each heart,
Fighting free
Of the chambers
Of a past
No longer present.

With a Twinkle (Captured Hearts)

Hooves thunder overhead;
Spray stardust
In their wake
With a twinkle.
A horn fades,
As hounds chase
Jet on pitch,
Momentarily lit.

Crimson Ribbon (Fiery Verse)

She presents herself
Packed in crimson ribbon,
Fresh wounds,
Gifting her layers
To the one
To work through
To her centre.

Linger (Fiery Verse)

Past shades,
Still familiar,
Linger here,
Whilst memory

Kiss Me (Fiery Verse)

Pursed lips,
Pause momentarily;
Breathless anticipation
Before meeting
To consummate
Their liaison.

Quills (Fiery Verse)

Quills piled
Upon one another;
Never enough
If only
They could create
Her word worlds
For her
Without impetus.

Make Believe (Fiery Verse)

She constructs characters;
Make believe dwellers,
Until her creations
Speak freely,
Demanding she scribes
Their actions
For them

Silent Voices (Captured Hearts)

Voices silent,
Their every gesture
Communicates itself
One to the other.

Endless Embrace (Written River)

Darkness' endless embrace
Beckons daily
Casting shadows on lights.
Present passed,
They wane into surrender's sleep.

With Or Without (Fiery Verse)

With or without
She picks up her pen
And starts to write.
One word, then another,
- Ends -
Before beginning

Undertow (Killer Poets)

Drifting deep in the Undertow,
Beneath the meniscus' divide,
Is a Queen of sodden skirts and muck
Seeking suitors for society;
When eye meets eye,
Below as above,
She drags them down
Into the depths,
Their lifeless leaden limbs
Her playthings;
Whilst their composure lasts,
At least.

Dance With Me (Written River)

Dance with me,
Her eyes invite;
A challenge accepted
Only by those
Sure of their steps.