Short Fiction

"Half Baked" Poised Pen Anthology 2014

"Journey's End" at 1000Words (May 2014)

"Skin" in The Sirens Call eZine #Issue 15 Crypto (June 2014)

"Dealbreaker" in "In Creeps The Night", J.A.Mes Press (October 2014)

"Appearances and Disappearances" in Paper Swans Issue 4 (October 2014)

"Fight The Fear" in The Opening Line Literary 'Zine (October 2014)

"Frightening Flash Fiction" Poised Pen Competition Anthology 2014

"Flashdogs" Anthology (December 2014)

"Sorrow's Baptised" in The Sirens Call eZine (December 2014)

"Their Guardian Generals"/"Colourful Talents" Luminous Creatures Press (Amazon link (UK))

"Put Your Lights On" in The Sirens Call eZine #Issue 19 Whispers In The Dark (February 2015)

"Such Words As Men Are Made Of" and "Not Only Once Perpetual" in FlashDogs Volume 2 "Solstice: Light" UK Print UK Ebook (June 2015)

"Interstellar Relations" and "A Composite Conclusion" in FlashDogs Volume 2 "Solstice: Dark" UK Print UK Ebook (June 2015)

"Wifely Wisdom" at National Flash Fiction Day's "flash flood" (June 2015)


"A Singular Transformation" at Visual Verse (Volume 2 Chapter 5) (March 2015)

"Paying The Price" at Micropoetry.com (March 2015)

"Light Lines: Three Line Thursday Anthology" (Amazon link (UK) ) (October 2015)

"Three Lines" at Flash Fiction Magazine (November 2015)

Fall Into Fiction also features various samples of my flash fiction and micropoetry - also capable of being located via the sidebar tags on the main page of the blog.