Saturday, 23 June 2012

Magical “Minis”

I’ve previously mentioned my liking for shorter fiction; something which encompasses the challenges presented by significantly shorter word limits in the form of flash or even micro fiction.  If you, too, like prose in “bite sized chunks” on occasion, you might want to check out Erin Morgenstern's on-going project, Flax-Golden Tales.  Her form of the “Friday feeling” is an original ten sentence short story, inspired by a specific photograph taken by Carey Farrell

The tales are posted weekly, each with a differing theme; predominantly fairy tale oriented.  Princesses and Monitoring System are a couple of my recent favourites.

Incidentally, her first novel, The Night Circus, is also well worth a look if you like the sound of a novel in which a circus arrives without warning and is only open at night.  Add in a duel between two young magicians and you have the premise of Morgenstern's debut.  Recommended.


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