Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Being Human (Selective Shorts Series)

Nina Kiriki Hoffman is an author I was introduced to via a second hand copy of The Thread That Binds The Bones a while back.  Hence the fact that I was pleased to have the opportunity to read her recent contribution to the online magazine, Lightspeed, Monster, Finder, Shifter.  Effortless prose aside, this story about a family who have produced several generations of “monster-finders” is actually an examination of what it means to be human and the difficult choices it can be necessary to make in an ongoing quest for knowledge and self-realisation.  Thought provoking and capable of transporting one fully into the world it inhabits within just under 7000 words.

And another thing - it also reminds me to find time to take a look at her most recent collection of 16 examples of her short fiction, Permeable Borders when I get chance.

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