Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pondering Performance Poetry (Poetry Corner)

I had the opportunity to experience performance poetry at a writing event recently, which highlighted the fact that I haven’t had chance to read much poetry lately; something I may aim to rectify over the coming months.

For me, performance poetry is particularly fun, given there’s an acting element to the manner in which a poem is delivered or that it’s an opportunity to reconnect with the way in which words sound when spoken aloud or to project poetry interspersed with humour; reasons why I enjoyed Mark Gwynne Jones' Plasticman (audio version of the poem here).
Perhaps, with this in mind, I may well find myself indulging in further performance based poetry events in the future, as I reintroduce poetry into my regular reading list, given the extent to which I connected with its performance based aspect in this instance.  Here’s hoping!

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