Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Suitably Scary Reads – All Hallow’s Read 2013

Autumn having settled in upon us and it being October, creeping steadily towards Hallowe’en, it seems like a fitting opportunity to mention All Hallow's Read here again.  Simply put, it’s the tradition that in the week of Hallowe’en or on the night itself, you give someone a suitably scary book to read. 

A Neil Gaiman phenomenon, traced back to this blog post, this provides an ideal opportunity for a festive gift to family and friends.  There are a number of recommended reads available courtesy of the All Hallow's Read website (all divided on an age appropriate basis), including Gaiman's own and others such as  Helpfully, a number of the lists are available for download in PDF format to allow them to be displayed in, for example, schools and libraries.  So, go on – treat someone to something beyond the usual for Hallowe’en this year and help expand on a holiday tradition of book giving.        

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