Sunday, 2 November 2014

Mission of Faith (Flash! Friday)

Caution: Radiation Controlled Area. Creative Commons 2.0 photo by Oleg (via Flash! Friday Vol-2-47)

Mission of Faith

There isn’t much time.  You feel it.  You jump bodies before you; some already behind.  The ground is littered, as you scramble, losing purchase.  It is through the small doorway.  Caution all who enter.  By doing, you may die.  By not doing, you will die. 

Your fingers are shifting as you move - pushing – pulling - forwards – backwards - thrusting obstacles away.  You are accessing hidden strength; knowing it won’t last – that it drains your energy levels.  You hope to see the door designated “authorised personnel”.  You need to see it soon.

You wish you’d purchased maps but you had to choose between two options.  You went for the other and hope it counts.  A wrong choice means you lose your life.  You must not fail your mission.

Now you see it; the hooded habits already assembled in front.  First, defeat them to reach the missile silo.  Then you’ll open the door to the final level to disarm the reactor. 


Another piece for Flash! Friday in response to the photo prompt above.  The word prompt/task this week was to include a monk in the piece.  Somehow, I started thinking about gaming and came up with this slight twist on the "nuclear" scenario.

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