Monday, 27 January 2014

Shadow Selves (VisDare)

Photo Source (via the VisDare Challenge)

Shadow Selves

It started as a rumour – that the statue would show you yourself, if you looked hard enough.  It gained momentum slowly; inexorably.  Sam ignored it, at first.  Before half of his mates had had a go.  Even after a woman from down the road made a swift exit from the booth, refusing to go back in.  It was when Paul refused to tell him what he had seen that his interest was truly piqued.  No fool, their Paul.  Still, he had to see for himself, he supposed.

Sam's feet led him there of their own volition the following Tuesday.  He pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the gloom, allowing his eyesight to adjust gradually before he saw.  The truth of it all.  He couldn’t help himself – he had to laugh.  It was spot on.  He had always been a bit of a devil on the quiet, god help him.       

A Brief Explanation:-

Recently I've been looking for a short fiction challenge or two to get me into thinking about prose and how to fit ideas together after a period where I hadn't been writing consistently.  The Visual Dare (Vis Dare) photographic challenge - essentially, to create a story in 150 words or less based on the visual prompt - is one of the ones I've come across during my internet travels.  If this is something which interests you also, you might want to following the posted links and take up the challenge.

Mine is loosely based on the photographic prompt, for reasons which are probably apparent on reading.  Definitely fun to write, which is the point!

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