Saturday, 1 February 2014

Interludes (Flash! Friday)

Time travels strangely beneath his branches; sentient-sleepy.  The first time he recalls, the boy plays with his car; an old model. Feigns interest in toy over girl, despite her best efforts.  Later, he pushes her into the dirt when she tries to play.  She cries.  He ignores. 

Time travels onward.  Older now, the transport is real.  He learns their names.  Nick and Sara.  Nick driving, seeking to impress, as they pass underneath; oblivious.  They are wrapped in each another.  He envies them their youth, the promise; that still to come. 

Time travels onward.  Time marks their faces, their fondness unchanged.  They picnic in his shadows, ring on her finger, hand at her stomach; an unthinking caress.

Time travels onward.  Sara on foot.  She travels alone.  Shelters in the shadows beneath him.  Lies there; oblivious to the onset of traffic.  Closes her eyes.  Time travels onward.  She stirs. Leaves the toy car in her wake; an offering to time’s past.       

Afterword and Afterthoughts

Another flash fiction piece - this one written for the Flash! Friday competition which runs (surprise, surprise) every Friday.  This one featured the photo prompt above and the word prompt "time travel".  It received an Honourable Mention.

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