Saturday, 23 August 2014

By The Book (Flash! Friday)

John Talbot's presentation of the Book of Shrewsbury to Queen Margaret of Anjou ca 1445 AD. Public domain, courtesy of the British Library Royal.

By The Book

They’d been told the ceremony would be strictly by the book beforehand; had the spiel on protocol.  Now, they were listening to words familiar yet foreign; not foreseen in the circumstances – at least, not today.  It had kind of been sprung on them.  Kelly thought she was a little young yet to be making her vows for forever - though she hadn’t been asked to voice an opinion – felt dwarfed by the tall priestly presence before them, bible at the ready.  James was shuffling sideways, hands in blazer pockets, increasing the distance between them, to the extent that he was able.  That was fine by Kelly, too.  If by some miracle he made it out the door, it would save them both from their coupled fate in the presence of witnesses who would never let them forget it.

“Do you..”

Soon it was over.  Married in name and taught her lesson, Kelly thanked God the Religious Studies session wasn’t binding.


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