Monday, 22 December 2014

Publishing Pending..

Checking in here briefly to note a couple of pending publications in the offing as a result of recent submissions and writing online.

My story "Sorrow's Baptised" will feature in the December edition of The Sirens Call eZine later this month.

Additionally, I have two stories due for publication mid January as a result of the Luminous Creatures "Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness" competition, which has been running over the past seven weeks.  The first is an expanded version of my story "Their Guardian Generals" (originally featured at the website here).  The other is called "Colourful Talents" and will feature in the forthcoming chapbook which is a collection of competition entries representing the work of some very talented authors.  Very pleasing news and I'm really flattered to have my work alongside theirs!

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