Saturday, 11 July 2015

Getting There (Microbookends)

Photo Credit: Tekniska Museet via CC (via Microbookends)

Getting There

Six pondered, brow puckered above dark eyebrows.  “Seven’s down now,” he said eventually, looking up, eyes focusing, a hand in his unkempt hair.  “Don’t want to be meeting my One.  Guess it’ll be another Other, odds are.  Two to One, I’ll bet?  Sums it up, doesn’t it?” 

Six looked around the predominantly empty room, gaze shifting quickly.  “Took me a bit to add it all up,” he said, “but I’ve figured it now.  Totally.”  Six paused.  “We talked before he went, you know,” he said, smiling momentarily; eyes solemn.

Six hugged his bony frame, pacing.  “Subtract us, one from the other – or we’ll multiply.”  Six was getting there by degrees.

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