Sunday, 5 July 2015

Weekly Solutions (Angry Hourglass)

Photo courtesy of Ashwin Rao (via The Angry Hourglass)

Weekly Solutions

Lemon inspected the solution on the bench.  “Needs a hint of sour.  Can’t do a Monday without.”  She eyeballed the light haired girl to her left, brows raised.

“Plus some bitters,” added Olive, to their right.

“You’d know,” Honey said, shrugging.

“Save the sweet for last thing Friday,” Lemon added.  “It’ll need putting in first though.  Remember.”

The blonde girl turned towards the darker head, eyes wide.  “Just who d’you think you are, again?”

The other girl frowned before responding.  “Lemon.  This week.  Sorry.  Always takes me a while to adjust after switches.  Although you’re pretty snippy for Honey at the minute, you know!  Comes of being Lemon last week.”

“Fair point,” Olive commented, to no one in particular.

“It’s all right for you!” Honey said.  “You’re pretty much always Olive!”

“Only ‘cos no one else wants to be.”  The girl’s voice took on a sharp note.

“Yes, we know, Olive.  You’re really hard done by.  Especially compared to everyone you inflict yourself on,” Honey said, tone dry.

“Including us,” Lemon added quietly.  Honey smirked sideways at her sister in response.

“No need to get personal,” Olive grumped.

“Lighten up,” Honey said, before adding hastily, “yes, yes, I know you can’t – genuinely – but you get what I’m saying.  We know we couldn’t do it without you, okay?  Just give over whinging about it, hey?”  She pressed fingers either side of the other girl’s mouth, forcing them upwards into a smile.  “How about sorting your section of Tuesday and Wednesday out?  You’ll feel better once you’ve got some of it out of your system.  You always do.  Remember?”  Honey sighed.  “God, between the two of you, it’ll be a wonder if we get the week sorted on time!”

“It’ll get done,” Lemon said.  “Always does.  Somehow.”

“Touch too much optimism for Lemon,” Honey cautioned.

“Working on it,” Lemon said, wincing.

“This Monday’s pretty dark,” Olive commented, dipping a finger into the mixture.  “Figures.”

“A very Monday Monday,” Honey said, observing the murk.  “Saturday’ll make up for it.”

“Spoils the fun,” Olive complained.

“Jesus, Olive!” Lemon exclaimed.

“Look – I’ll be Olive next week,” Honey said hastily.

“Great idea!” the other two chorused.

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