Thursday, 13 March 2014

Avid Diva (Trifecta)

Something a bit different for this week's Trifecta challenge, which asks for the use of a palindrome or palindromic phrase as one of/part of the 33 word submission.  The clue's in the title for this one and the rest is just tongue in cheek messing with rhyme off the back of the palindromic phrasing - so semi poetry, as opposed to flash fiction this time around, really..

As an aside, it's sad to see the competition come to an end shortly - I've been enjoying contributing intermittently as part of the writing community at the site.

Avid Diva

Avid diva, I see ya
Strutting your stuff, doing your thing
Avid diva, wanna meet ya
Spirits raised by that gin sling
Avid diva, be my teacher
In wilful wit, zest and zing!

(33 words)


  1. This is a really fun little post - it's got a great bluesy swing rhythm to it, like it could be set to music. I love "spirits raised by that gin sling" - what a great phrase!

  2. Avid diva is a great palindrome and a wonderful way to end this challenge. I, too, like the sing-song nature of this piece. Thanks for creating something uplifting and lyrical. We all needed that. :)

    1. Thanks - the tone kind of flowed from the palindrome, really!

  3. Oooo. Love your rhyming here! :)

  4. I want to meet your diva! The pace of this is super, the rhythm inspired. Nice work!

  5. Great palindrome, and the rhymes are fantastic - I can almost hear the music.

  6. :) Fun little read :)