Monday, 3 March 2014

The Woman Who Holds The World In Her Head (VisDare)

Photo Source via (as ever) VisDare

It is tiring, sometimes.  Seeing as she does.  Being a Remote.  At least that’s what she calls herself.  It seems as good a term as any for one who holds the world in her head.  She sees it all – but only in fragments.  Any more would drive her mad.  Tune it in, then tune it out.  Quickly, ever so quickly.  Switch.  Searching for silence.  Seeking.  The one channel she knows for certain it will be impossible to find, try as she might.  She has seen across oceans and continents; drifted into dreams – all to no avail.  No help, only hindrance.  The constant competing chatter; mundane, inane, drama, pathos alike.  Each, too, seeks peace; the focus of her own search.  She wishes she could tell them the little she has learned.

She doesn’t have all the answers.  She only knows how it will all end.  She has seen it all before.

(150 words)


Another VisDare challenge.  The word prompt for this week was "remote".  I tried to produce a slightly different take on it.

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