Monday, 9 June 2014

I Sent Some Ships A Sailing By (VisDare)

Photo Source (via VisDare-64)

I Sent Some Ships A Sailing By

Jo crafts her origami ships carefully, before she sets them to sail, melting candlewax to coat the paper to waterproof it thoroughly.  She is methodical and thorough in her methods.  She tries to make each one slightly different in design, even though the basics are the same.  She smiles as she sees them ride the water’s waves, travelling towards destinations unknown.  There have been many maiden voyages to date, though they never return to tell the tale of where they have run aground.  Still, she lets them go to make their way in the world, her handwritten hello inscribed on the inside for the one careful enough to look for it.  Time turns before the more traditional response, through the letterbox.  After all, the river runs but one way.  A respondee must find another way.  Jo grins as she reads the words.  The Nadia is a survivor and found land.


The word for this week was "awash".  Think I went in a different direction with this one but I had an idea for the story and ran (or sailed) with it!

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