Sunday, 15 June 2014

Step By Step (Flash! Friday)

Photo by Lewis Hine National Archives Public Domain (via Flash! Friday)

Step By Step

Sweat coats Rose's brow as the sun beats upon it, whilst she labours, weighed down.  She bears the berry filled boxes at the crook of either arm; balance and counterbalance.  She has gathered all she can find.  She sinks further into the sand beneath her bare feet today, making it harder to gain purchase; to keep herself moving further and forwards, on towards home.  Her toes curl under; slip, slide and stumble, whilst her eyes watch their distant goal.  Soon, she tells herself.  Soon!  She will - must - get there; fairy steps or not.  She is - will be - waiting when she gets there.  Rose sets herself to counting, though she is countless after what would have been first, second or third.  She thinks she reaches several thousand.

"I have them," Rose says, into the contrasting cool of the homestead, as she crosses the threshold.  They are gathered, mute, by the bedside.  "But I fetched them!" Rose protests.  "So we could eat."


Another short piece of 160 words for this week's Flash! Friday competition.  The word prompt this week was "friendship".

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