Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Restoration of Faith (VisDare)

Photo Source (via VisDare-66)

Restoration of Faith

Ellie shakes as Meg sobs, holding her closely.  “Shush,” she says.  “Hey.”  Nonsense words after what has happened.  “We’re going to be okay, I promise.  Together.”  The promise is for herself, as much as for Meg, simply to say the words.  The cries have reached their crescendo and are dying down now, though Meg’s cheeks are still moist, tears dripping from her chin into the lengthy grass they are crouched amongst as she weeps. 

Ellie has her sister’s back turned so she cannot see the wisps of smoke rising from the remnants of what is left of their homestead.  The smog has dissipated slightly, drifting away with the breeze.  Though the flames are gone, she sees them still, etched into her memory.  She feels the heat on her skin, which is streaked by the soot which was left behind.  Though they are marked, she knows they are the lucky ones.


150 words based on a pretty powerful photo prompt.  The word prompt this week was "restoration".  I was thinking of Ellie's words as being the "restorative" responsible for calming Meg down. post panic and trauma of the (fictional) fire which has destroyed their home.

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