Sunday, 11 May 2014

In Plain Sight (MWBB)

They tell me it’s in my head, though I’ve tried to make them understand that my nightmares are real, running riot, not imagined.  They don’t listen, so I figured I’d try talking to someone else; aim to get the message out there, my missive to the masses, you amongst them.  That’s why I’m sitting here, talking like mad into my microphone, gabbling to get the words out, while I’m still making sense of them in my head.  It’s hard to describe it, somehow, now it comes to it and it’s me and the disembodied world; all of you I can’t see, those of you I can imagine.  Maybe even the Whitecoats, the ones who think I’m mad.  They might be listening too, making their way here, if they can find me, can track me down.  I took precautions though.  Hopefully made myself difficult enough to locate.  Maybe that will put them off, at least long enough for me to finish what I’ve started.

I see the world as it really is – it’s everyone else who’s blind, that’s the truth.  Apologies if I’m putting you off by saying that; making you angry.  I can’t help it.  I have to tell it as it is, so you’ll get it, by the end.  I have to try and make you see too – all of you - it’s the only way.

I guess I thought there was a simple medical explanation, at first.  Especially given they kept trying to tell me so.  Easy to believe what they want you to, when it’s so much simpler than the truth.  Migraines was the first one they came up with, when I mentioned the clouding across my vision, the blurring and spotting, in whites and greys, when I looked directly at people in the crowds surrounding me.  Didn’t fit though, given there were no accompanying headaches, no incapacitation lasting over the space of several days.  Not to mention that it seemed to come and go subject to who and what I happened to be looking at at the time.  They checked my eyesight – twenty twenty – scanned for the obvious blips and blurs on MRI and CT without finding anything.  Small wonder, really, given there wasn’t anything there – but that’s something I only realised later and need to explain in the right way.

To give them their dues, the doctors, all those clever medics, they kept looking; determined to help me find the issue.  Possibly the problem was they finally figured it had to be me – something they couldn’t see with all their machinery and gadgets; that the internal cogs weren’t working the way they should be and I might have done something to bring that on.  That’s not it though, even though I listened at first when they suggested it.  It was the fact that they had no faces, those bodies in amongst the crowds, which did it – the reason I was willing to accept what they said – and to be fair, it was plausible enough.  They thought it was some kind of break with reality; I did too.  ‘Til I saw them kill; ‘til I saw them maim, right there in daylight and the red stains spreading across the concrete as the girl dropped from living to lifeless in seconds.  She was the first.  It made the news too – that’s how I know it isn’t just me, that they’re real.  They put a call out for any witnesses as part of the investigation – not that there were any apart from me.  Seems as though they’re too clever for that.  I guess they saw me though; not that I can say for certain, given they don’t have any eyes but the featureless forms turned towards me at the last second.  That was when I lost it and ran.  Freaked me right the hell out.  Guessing that’s possibly where they come from too.  No kidding.

A few more “unexplained” deaths and that brings us up to speed.  Now I’m barricaded in here, talking to you, all of you, everywhere.  Because they’re coming now, stronger.  For me; certainly.  In time, for you too.  So you need to try and see them, while there’s still time.  Before it’s too late.


Nice feedback on this one this week, even though it didn't place.  Interesting to think about expanding it out... :)

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