Sunday, 11 May 2014

Taking The Time (VisDare)

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Taking The Time

He had lost it, somewhere.  Sam couldn’t even recall the when and where, by this point in time.  Perhaps it had been thrown out in error.  He simply knew he must find it again, if his mission was to succeed.  It was his imperative; his only, enclosed in scratched, oaken casing, pendulum at its hidden, beating heart.  The dials would point the way, once spun in the right direction.  Counter clockwise, widdershins, that would be the way.  Find the timepiece first, find her second – first things first, to seek what mattered most; order in all things, first and foremost.  The moment was what mattered and he must hit upon it exactly, pinpoint in his accuracy, to the hour, minute and second.  Miss it and he would miss the meeting completely.  He knew he must not make that mistake, if he found it.

If only for enough time to find it.

(150 words)


Another "VisDare" piece, after a week off.  The word prompt this week was "patience".

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