Friday, 30 May 2014

Wish Fulfilment (Flash! Friday)

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Wish Fulfilment

The green goddess grants wishes to those she chooses, they say.  Blessing believers visit the legendary garden shrine daily in their droves to test the theory.  They cross her leafy palm with its freefall water flow with coin, hoping her lids will lift and she will smile on them as they kneel in supplication before her torso.  Gaia, too, hopes her namesake will look kindly upon her as she whispers her wanting into the tresses cocked to one side.  Seconds pass, with the queue long behind her.  The frond fingers close upon the offering, empty on the opening; no fall to freedom here.  The coin’s capture brings an intake of breath as the shrubbery shifts then settles, shape now clear to the eye.   The leaves lie longer on the grass, with starker contrast at the crown. 

The green goddess grants wishes to those she chooses, yet chooses freely from those who approach her alike.  Earth has called on her own. 

(160 words)


Another one for this week's Flash! Friday Vol.25 competition.  Everything stemmed from the idea of the green goddess and developed organically (pun intended) from there...

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