Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Non-Covert Experiments (VisDare)

Photo Source (via VisDare)

Non-Covert Experiments

Alexander hurried along, hat pulled low across his brow – ostensibly as cover against the driving wind and snow.  In reality, to hide his consternation.  It had all gone wrong; horribly, badly so.  How could he have miscalculated so critically?  So horrifically.  He blamed himself, despite the informed consent.  Had they really foreseen this kind of consequence?  The silk brim covered his eyes and yet he could not stop himself seeing it, again.  Imprinted behind his eyes, on his mind.  Guilt enforced, indelibly.  Marked upon him, as she was now scarred by the searing heat from the misadventure.  Blown gasket, full force steam, escaped from pumping pistons.  He had heard the scream.  Too late, too late!  Careful checks and balances, so wrongly weighed.  A minor miscalculation, in theory.  The practice, so different. 

They were to change the ways of the world with their invention.  Instead, he had simply changed hers.  Incontrovertibly.  


This week's word was "covert".  As ever, I switched this up.  Steampunk - sort of.  Possibly a longer story here, all things considered.  Research involved trawling the internet archives for Victoriana, top hat materials and timelines for advances in steam invention and scientific theory.  Plus - suitable names for Victorian males.  Quite a lot for such a short piece and far too much to fit into 150 words!

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