Friday, 18 April 2014

Time Ticks (VisDare)

Photo Source (via VisDare-57)

Time Ticks

Time is running.  Out.  That’s the challenge, Hallie knows.  The djinn cheers from below – mocking; miniscule in proportion from her height, arms stretched above, taking the strain.  The rope is hard; unyielding between her fingers.  Has created callouses and burns on her palms already.  She slid down more than once, before she got the knack.  Precious seconds wasted, never to return.  Tock post tick.  The premise is simple – the escape hatch above.  Glass without ceiling – an irony not lost on her; unattainable as it may be.  Hallie has yet to near it.  Onwards.  Upwards.  Reaching with rhythm, hand over hand.  Seems so simple, save for that little detail.  The one left unspoken.  The flames flicker brightly; catch her eye cast upwards, as they burn through the hessian.  Anyone’s guess how long before it breaks.  Before the inevitable fall.  Hallie hurries, hand over hand over hand.  It’s a long way down.


Another VisDare challenge.  The word prompt this week was "escape". 

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