Thursday, 13 February 2014

Communications (Trifextra)

This week's Trifextra challenge asks for 33 words exactly about love gone wrong, with the added challenge of requesting that the following words are not included:

love - sad - tears - wept - heart - pain

This is my offering:-


Bodies curled together, shared heat, now separated by blank indifference.  Nothing fills the breach.  Communication lost; irretrievable.  Clare forgets when, precisely.  It doesn’t matter now, though she would have tried if he’d asked.

(33 words)


  1. Oh, ouch. I have been there, Clare! Nicely set up and I love the last reflection, where it's still always gonna be his fault!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - it took a little thought in light of word restrictions to convey what I was going for!

  3. When communication breaks down.. it's often to late to ask.

  4. Blank indifference...nothing fills the breach. Oomph. Powerful. I felt those lines for sure. Great work!

  5. Oh. That last line is a kicker. Nicely done. Thanks for linking up.