Monday, 10 February 2014

Gladiator (Flash! Friday)

Public domain photograph sourced here via Flash! Friday

It took Olympian strength to leap the hurdles some days.  Sal knew the ones.  When tasks took non-allotted time; ate into hours.  The sleep filled, rest bound days.  She boxed those away behind closed doors; her warrior walls.

Converse and counterbalanced against these - the gladiatorial ones.  Those to pole vault over obstacles.  The ones Sal envied for their effortless on the others.  Fun filled and fanciful.  Family, friends and fulfillment.  Love and laughter.  While the race lasted.

She stacked moments upon one another, wherever; whenever.  However; whomever.  Ducklings at play time.  Sun on the skyline.  Ally; always.  Her mini miracle.  Smiling; sleeping; giggling; gurgling.  Best endeavour ever.  Worth it.  Worth it all.

Sal classified days via her personal podium.  A system of order amongst chaos, when it threatened to invade.  She had her reasons.  Clear cut and crystal.  The world was yet her stadium.  Sal aimed for gold.  Always.


The photo prompt explains itself in terms of timing.  The word prompt for this week's challenge was "envy".  This received an Honourable Mention.

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