Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tunnel Vision (VisDare)

Its length lay stretched before her; taunting.  Beth had been here before.  Yesterday.  Again, again.  It would not beat her.  Not yet.  She would tread the gauntlet – retrace her steps.  Touch the rough walls, feeling forwards, seeking the doorway she hoped yet to find.  Her exit from the cycle; loop stuck on repeat, no respite. 

She was unsure of the numerics – a deliberate omission; her mind similarly resetting itself?  She hoped not – her brain was what was left amongst the roughened floorboards, the constricting walls.  Behind them, lurked the Unspeakable, source of unintelligible sound.  Infrequent.  Beth had no wish to stir the whatever - creeping forwards, seeking still for speed.  She knew the lights would fail pre-end, familiar of old.  That marked the end and the beginning. 

Foot atop failing wood, Beth ventured a misstep – a chance perhaps, harm disregarded – launching herself into darkness below, a downward descent.  Down.  Down.     

(150 words)


The word prompt this week was "beneath".

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