Monday, 17 February 2014

Service Level Announcement

The observant amongst you may have noticed there have been a couple of subtle changes and additions to the blog over the last month or so.  There is now an established Features header detailing the types of review you may see on the blog from time to time and a header which will direct you to a couple of samples of my writing, should you be so inclined.  There’s also a new header for links – something I’ve been looking to put in place for a while but hadn’t previously had chance to due to competing time constraints.  There you’ll find links to fiction/writing websites which may be of interest and (in due course) advice on writing courtesy of established authors. 

Additionally, you can click the buttons in the sidebar to subscribe via RSS feed and/or e-mail, in addition to following on Twitter.  (Feel free to head over and say hello!)  It’s also possible to follow via a bloglovin’ feed.  With all that said, it’s now time to bury myself in a couple of good books…

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